###.he lives in an alternate reality where the RSS gave india its independence after fighting off the brits bravely.###

Cannot blame him or even RSS , many Indian freedom-fighters like Tilak , Lajpat , Bipan are called Hindu Nationalists by some Historians . CS Azad & Bismil too have been discarded as Hindu Nationalists as they were Arya Samajists (as if Arya Samaj is evil unlike Buddhism or normal Hinduism) . Patel too is Communal for his rashness in Hyderabad. Bose has been discarded as worthless fascist creature for his infamous mistake ….now he is orphaned – lying on the streets to be co-opted by anyone – afterall he is not an equivalent of Nehru or Ambedkar ……so trash him [I am returning just after coming across a Comrade who gave that reason]. This all was established by Secular Nehruvian historians.
Even Gandhi has been dubbed a Hindu Nationalist by Secular Historians & even Pakistani “Liberal” ones who rather project Jinnah as a Secular twin of Nehru & Maulana Azad becomes a PAID MULLAH as Jinnah too alleged.
But wait we now have a genius in Nisid Hajari who is keen to project not just Gandhi a Hindu Nationalist but Nehru too an ambitious man and responsible for deaths & Jinnah only a genius crusader & Constitutionalist.…/pakistan-india-independence…/
Now I feel all Indian historians must be trashed & we should read Ayesha Jalal only . But I would say one thing for sure : If the above is true OUR NATIONALIST MOVEMENT was a HINDU NATIONALIST MOVEMENT & HINDU NATIONALISTS won INDEPENDENCE for INDIA !!!!!!


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