Majoritarian Blindness & Mainstream Media

Our attitude that “minority problems are actually bloviated or exaggerated (those some are few instances as against the usual tendencies) reflects our MAJORITY BLINDNESS (of us Indian Hindus & Pakistani muslims ) which is due to our own privileges of being “majority”. The mainstream media in Pakistan and now even in India mostly reflects this majority blindness too & status-quoist tendency (I am not taking any particular case here but the general tendency).

On Pakistani media like ET & DAWN : There is more hype about the issues of non-Pakistani muslims (like Indian or the West ones) than talks & incisive discussions on Pak’s own non-Muslims. Even the fact that on the OPed section of DAWN we see Mr. Jawed Naqvi writing about the plight of Indian Muslims or Hindutva more often (once or twice every week) than we see anyone like Kapil Dev writing on issues of Pak Hindus or Sikhs or any non-Muslim Pakistani , something which Mr Waqas Malik sir is in a better position to explain than me……Often the non-Mullah (suited & urbane) anchors of Urdu media are seen ending up in communal rhetorics esp. while discussing India (often the “bad” India becomes the “bad” Hindu) too, without being censured (I have no problem with their India-bashing , even ours does that but Hindu-bashing !!).

On Indian media : As Indians ,the blindness of the Indian media is very much known to us. recent cases like no strong debates or sensationalisation over the release of Kodnani….the same media that fought for Yakub’s hanging or cries foul over Lakhvi’s bail …..some Hindi channels have become tools of BJP propoganda to consolidate that Majority apathy .(even if not openly communal as their Pakistani counterparts). Except the Hindu or the Indian Exp. , who else is anti-status quo ….ToI very well depicts that status-quoist middle-class Hindus.


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