The Two Rennaisances

When we dig the grave of RSS…we will see the two Renaissances – the Bengali Hindu Renaissance and the Aligarh Muslim Renaissance — creations of elite Brahmins-Kayasthas & elite Syeds resp…..This all problem to a great extent starts there.

Both BHR & AMR initiated reform movements in Hindus & Muslims resp. The former led to birth of the Hindu College & later BHU (not by a Bengali though) ; The latter led to birth of AMU. The former gave Bankim & the latter Iqbal (both modernists but Supremacists in their own ways).

But on the other hand , it also gave impetus to Sanskritised pan-Indian Hindu identity & Persianised pan-Indian Muslim identity , which is at the base of how a Rajasthani Gujjar (Hindu) & the Kashmiri Gujjar (Muslim) see each other as enemies ….one says that he lived here since Indus valley times , the other boasts of coming with the Turks grin emoticon. The same thing I am sure also divides Hindus & Muslims of common racial , or linguistic heritage. I mean , I am a Chauhan & I have come across Hindu Communal Chauhans & Muslim communal Chauhans too , in my short on-line activist career.

RSS & Jamaats , or Hindu Mahasabha & Muslim League are/were also consequence of these divorced Renaissances & divorced identities , not just social forces furthering them.
Even if we are lucky to destroy parties like BJP/AIMIM , how will we destroy this sense of divorced self-perception which divides people of the same villages , ethnicities , languages and even that ugly thing- of same castes ??


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