The Motley Babas & Matas of India : Personal Insight

1) These babas & matas are not a misgiving of Brahminical faith but mostly are a misgiving of our millenia-old culture of wondering non-Brahminical mendicants , wonderes , tantrikas & yes rogue sections of the Bhakti movement etc. So this is not a Brahminical problem .

2) If you look at the class of these chaps …then they are mostly lower class people & their victims too come crom their own class , mostly .

3) As Deepankar Gupta had stated that the average Hindus may not be as dogmatically respectful of their faith as say their Muslim counterparts can be , but these Bhakti-oriented ppl are very much gullible miracle-seeking and superstitious people unlike others..…/indias…/article6633497.ece

This is also the reason rogue Sufism also gained popularity in India. We dont see this problem as diffused in Organised Brahminical groups , Orthodox Islam , Arya Samaj , Christianity as much as we see this in this Bhakti & yes folk Hindu faiths. We know these jokers like Radhe Ma , bcz they had an urban base & were hype here . The rural India & the tribal India is filled with more multifarious charltans .If we look at the Sub-continent , this problem though to a lesser extent is also prevalent in so-called Sufi charltans who too exploit their mureeds in the name of miracles. Though this is less , as Sufism is codified unlike Bhakti movement which is not. Codified Bhakti groups like Kabirpanth & Warkaris dont face such problems (at least so often).
We , here, often fantasise about Bhakti being better than Brahminical (or Sufism better than Deobandi) & we complain about Organised faith ….here is a lesson that Unorganised faith can be even more exploitative as compared to Organised ….it might not lead to Wars like the latter bcz it has NO FUNDAMENTALS , but yes it is MORE SUPERSTITIOUS than the latter.

This is My Opinion . Others can add or correct this.


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