Hindutva Media – An Online Upheaval: Saif Ahmad Khan

Agreed with Saif , though the Hindutva hate media is not the only hate media present. One can also see a large number of Left-leaning hate media too (sadly which is not seen by Left-liberals in the same light) , starting from Dalit Voice , Milligazette , the Dravidian groups using “the Aryan Invasion” as a political tool or even worse openly calling for Eradication of Hinduism. The truth is they all feed of each other. Its like the Hindutva Monsters vs all the minion monsters. Untill , the Left-Liberals also avoid pandering to these groups , while fighting the “Internet Hindus”, it is actually never going to end ; since the Internet Hindus have created an exaggerated image of Hindu persecution using the twisted theories of these groups and this vicious cycle continues.

In this environment , it is more difficult to propagate liberal views among Hindus or even make a polite criticism of Hinduism (say Hinduism is a recent religion or Hindus ate beef) ; because the moment you start arguing they declare the opponent , anti-Hindu ; conflating the latter to belong to any of the anti-Hindu section. This is despite when one calls himself a “Hindu culturally” and avoids popular slogans like “Destroying Hinduism” etc. But at the end when we talk about Online Hate , the Hindutvadis are not the only one involved here ; groups and authors equating Hindus to Fascists or Hinduism (instead of Hindutva) itself to Fascism , also play a role in this cycle of hate.

KAFILA - 10 years of a common journey


The year 2004 saw the Indian electorate defying the verdict of psephologists by voting out the incumbent Bharatiya Janata Party led National Democratic Alliance government at the Centre. The fundamental reason behind the defeat of Atal Bihari Vajpayee’s government was the slogan of “India Shining” which was perceived by the voters to be nothing more than a poll gimmick as millions of ordinary Indians were trapped in the vicious cycle of poverty and struggling due to high inflation.

However, a decade after 2004, one has reason to believe that “India Shining” was a blessing in disguise for the BJP. Traditionally, BJP was an anti-technology party owing to its Swadeshi leanings. When computer technology was being introduced by the Rajiv Gandhi government during the 1980s, the socialist parties opposed the move and argued that mechanization would lead to unemployment. The Sang Parivar echoed similar sentiments.

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2 thoughts on “Hindutva Media – An Online Upheaval: Saif Ahmad Khan

  1. It is too simplistic to dismiss that the Hindutva media as all about hate speech.The lure of the Hindutva media on the web and elsewhere to the many highly discerning and educated Hindus is also the in-depth analysis of several of the half lies and false truths peddled by mainstream media and university cabals. The straw-man of the fascist capitalist exploitative Hindu, Caste, Cow, Curry, Imperial, Christian, Islamic and Marxist perspectives are very well argued and counter points posed by several bloggers. These voices have been systematically silenced in the mainstream media and university cabals. The pejorative dismissal of all reasonable Hindu voices as ‘Internet Hindus’ , a term coined by Sagarika Gosh was in response to the high impact questioning done by several bloggers on her views where she was caught off guard and felt hopeless out of control. That is the nature of the internet.One of the major premise of several key Hindutva bloggers is about the intellectual deficiency of the Indian left. Unless the people who call themselves leftist and liberal open their ears to alternate voices of the Hindus and stop treating them as the ‘Others’, there will always be ‘internet hindus and the ‘left’ wondering how influential they have become.


    1. ##One of the major premise of several key Hindutva bloggers is about the intellectual deficiency of the Indian left. ##
      Wow!! Quite an irony ; you start quibbling about “simplistic” dismissal of the Left of Hindutva media , but at the end you yourself make a “simplistic” dismissal of the Left on the same lines.

      So is not Hindutva itself an ideology of “hate” …..we Hindus cannot defend this bloody ideology & then oppose the hatred of Left-wing intelligentsia.
      I am no Leftist & some points which you are raising I whole-heartedly agree to it , but the Left is still superior intellectually to Hindutva.
      ##Hindutva media is not Hate##
      Are you trolling , sir ? The hatred that Hindutvadi bloggers spew against Muslims or other non-Hindutvadis , is it not endemic ?
      Ultimately , if Hindus want to be heard by the Left-wing , then become Secular Hindus , instead of Hindutvadi Hindus and oppose Hindutva . Or else , enjoy this viscious cycle of hate.


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