Hindu Rashtra, village by village -Understanding Atali

##In Atali, and elsewhere too, the presence of the known Hindutva organisations could not be established. ##

It would not be always right to Hindutvadi hand in communalising Hindus .Communal mindsets among Indian Hindus is quite endemic today , which is exacerbated by feudalistic mindset among all rural Hindus (not just upper castes) and apathetic attitude of urban middle-class Hindus.Perhaps , sometimes we Hindus (with all their shades) & not just the Hindutvadi ones,are responsible for Communalism.

KAFILA - 10 years of a common journey

Atali, the site of recent attacks on Muslims by their Hindi co-villagers, is a metaphor for India. Or,a mirror India should look into, to ‘re-cognize’ itself. To know that it is gradually turning into a majoritarian society. A society in which neighbors turn into strangers and yet keep feigning /pretending affinity and love for each other. A nation with a Hindu sensibility-zone and a Muslim sensibility zone.

The rites of passage are familiar. The majority has to be persuaded and convinced that it has to graduate from its present complacent position to a more respectable position of power, which was always its due but which it could not get because of the policies of ‘appeasement of the minorities’. After a long, sustained education, a ceremony, an event is organized in which majority has to participate as one person. It has to be a violent event in which blood would be…

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