Building Solidarities: Harsh Mander

Building solidarities are quite a difficult task but ought to be done , esp. among Dalit Hindus & Dalit Muslims . It should not be forgotten that it are the Dalit Muslims who are the biggest victims of all communalism . Muzzafarnagar was initially a clash between Hindu Jats & Muslim Jats , but its were worst victims were Dalits & specially Dalit Muslims.

KAFILA - 10 years of a common journey

Guest Post by Harsh mander

Indifference is primarily born out of the failure and the fatigue of empathy. Empathy requires both a leap of imagination—to imaginehow the other feels—and solidarities of feeling—to feel the sufferingand humiliation of the other as though they were one’s own. In otherwords, empathy has both a cognitive and affective element: it engagesboth the mind and the heart. Empathy tends to flow more naturallywhen the suffering person is someone I can relate to and understand,someone whom I feel is similar to me in some essential, relatable way,because I can then better imagine what the other person is feeling.

Empathy breaks down when I can persuade myself that the ‘other’ is, in some ways, not like me, not fully human in the way Iand the people of my family, my community, my caste, my gender,my race and, indeed, my sexual preferences are. I can do so when…

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