###.he lives in an alternate reality where the RSS gave india its independence after fighting off the brits bravely.###

Cannot blame him or even RSS , many Indian freedom-fighters like Tilak , Lajpat , Bipan are called Hindu Nationalists by some Historians . CS Azad & Bismil too have been discarded as Hindu Nationalists as they were Arya Samajists (as if Arya Samaj is evil unlike Buddhism or normal Hinduism) . Patel too is Communal for his rashness in Hyderabad. Bose has been discarded as worthless fascist creature for his infamous mistake ….now he is orphaned – lying on the streets to be co-opted by anyone – afterall he is not an equivalent of Nehru or Ambedkar ……so trash him [I am returning just after coming across a Comrade who gave that reason]. This all was established by Secular Nehruvian historians.
Even Gandhi has been dubbed a Hindu Nationalist by Secular Historians & even Pakistani “Liberal” ones who rather project Jinnah as a Secular twin of Nehru & Maulana Azad becomes a PAID MULLAH as Jinnah too alleged.
But wait we now have a genius in Nisid Hajari who is keen to project not just Gandhi a Hindu Nationalist but Nehru too an ambitious man and responsible for deaths & Jinnah only a genius crusader & Constitutionalist.…/pakistan-india-independence…/
Now I feel all Indian historians must be trashed & we should read Ayesha Jalal only . But I would say one thing for sure : If the above is true OUR NATIONALIST MOVEMENT was a HINDU NATIONALIST MOVEMENT & HINDU NATIONALISTS won INDEPENDENCE for INDIA !!!!!!


Majoritarian Blindness & Mainstream Media

Our attitude that “minority problems are actually bloviated or exaggerated (those some are few instances as against the usual tendencies) reflects our MAJORITY BLINDNESS (of us Indian Hindus & Pakistani muslims ) which is due to our own privileges of being “majority”. The mainstream media in Pakistan and now even in India mostly reflects this majority blindness too & status-quoist tendency (I am not taking any particular case here but the general tendency).

On Pakistani media like ET & DAWN : There is more hype about the issues of non-Pakistani muslims (like Indian or the West ones) than talks & incisive discussions on Pak’s own non-Muslims. Even the fact that on the OPed section of DAWN we see Mr. Jawed Naqvi writing about the plight of Indian Muslims or Hindutva more often (once or twice every week) than we see anyone like Kapil Dev writing on issues of Pak Hindus or Sikhs or any non-Muslim Pakistani , something which Mr Waqas Malik sir is in a better position to explain than me……Often the non-Mullah (suited & urbane) anchors of Urdu media are seen ending up in communal rhetorics esp. while discussing India (often the “bad” India becomes the “bad” Hindu) too, without being censured (I have no problem with their India-bashing , even ours does that but Hindu-bashing !!).

On Indian media : As Indians ,the blindness of the Indian media is very much known to us. recent cases like no strong debates or sensationalisation over the release of Kodnani….the same media that fought for Yakub’s hanging or cries foul over Lakhvi’s bail …..some Hindi channels have become tools of BJP propoganda to consolidate that Majority apathy .(even if not openly communal as their Pakistani counterparts). Except the Hindu or the Indian Exp. , who else is anti-status quo ….ToI very well depicts that status-quoist middle-class Hindus.


I told , its hard to be true Liberals in India……and I blame Nehru & esp. MN Roy for this misconstrued notion of Secularism….I thought of MN Roy as a Radical “free-thinker” , until 2013 when arguing with YLH (Yaseer Latif Hamdani – the great Pakistani “Secular” Jinnah apologist) on comments section of ET Pakistan. I was introduced to Roy’s encomiums about Jinnah & his paeans to Islamic science & his description of Arab conquerors of Iran as harbingers of Reason.
This was the same MN Roy who was otherwise deeply critical of Hinduism & Christianity , critical of European Imperialism and Vedic Aryan invasions, even bravely equating BG to Fascism ; But he had also written the “Historical Role of Islam” – the encomium that still remains unintelligible to me .That was when I was 20 , and one could sense skewed perception of the Indian Left.

Today , while the Leftists (like DN Jha) dub Gandhi and early Socialists like Tilak & Bose “Hindu Nationalists” for being superstitious Hindus & not Atheists like Ambedkar , Roy etc. ; on the other hand there are so-called Leftist works like “Secular & Nationalistic Jinnah” by JNU prof Dr. Ajeet Jawed . And here I am forced to question : Was Jinnah a counterpart to Nehru or Savarkar ? And what are the definitions of Secularism and Communalism ?

After that one can see that stupidity everywhere , even sometime back a Secular Liberal (an ex-Hindu) was arguing in defence of AIMIM ,describing AIMIM as merely a “social-reformer” group or “Muslim Rights group” , but was opposed to calling it a Right-wing Muslim group. I emphatically agree when it is said that AIMIM & RSS CANNOT be seen ‘equally-venomous” , since the Majority Communalism and Minority Communalism cannot be equated – the former is a greater threat than the latter. But can they still be given diametrically different treatment ?
These pseudo-Seculars have actually twisted the meaning of Secularism beyond recognition . Today , we can say that we are opposed to Hindutva but we cannot still say that we are defending Secularism (bcz we are expected to not just remain blind but also be supportive of other communalisms and see them as only reactions to the major communalism – not entirely wrong argument but not entirely correct too).

One can say that as Muslims are cornered more , the Indian Left is going to become more loony . This was also one of the myriad reasons , that I personally was strongly opposed to Yakub Memon’s hanging , esp. as Hindu fanatics like Maya & co. are set free. I can thus understand that why many Indian Muslims , even the Left-Liberal ones & esp. those who have actually been wronged by Hindu fanaticism (not just of RSS but Hindu majority as a whole), feel at times strongly defensive of their society and feel indignant by the Hindu majority….But then just as we commiserate with the Kashmiri Muslims stone-pelters and understand their rage against Indians & Hindus , then we must understand that why a significant number of KPs or Pak Hindus support BJP , in light of Liberal Left’s loony-ism ; afterall it is social injustice and the concomitant apathy that has pushed even the latter into communalism , just as in the case of former (if one goes by the arguments by this section of Liberal Left , given for the rise of Muslim Right).

Fiinally we must realise that global & local Islamophobia has not just harmed “minority ” muslims but it has stymied any attempt at criticism of Islam & Muslim communalism at par with Hinduism & Christianity or Hindus and Christians.Thus , it has also harmed non-Muslim minorities of many Muslim-majority nations. This makes destruction of “Islamophobia” or even “Hindutva” even more imperative .

In fact ,the biggest beneficiaries of Islamophobia and oppression of “minority” muslims (like in India) are communal Muslims and majoritarian muslims (like those in Pak) , who are as much multifaceted and motley like their Hindu and Christian counterparts are. They need not be just AK-47 holding Talibanis or Jamaat-type conservatives , just as communal Hindus need not be even RSS-type chaddis or even remotely conservative tilakdhari Hindus (they all look like us). And now the question follows : How to fight anti-Muslim hate and Muslim communalism simultaneously ?

The Motley Babas & Matas of India : Personal Insight

1) These babas & matas are not a misgiving of Brahminical faith but mostly are a misgiving of our millenia-old culture of wondering non-Brahminical mendicants , wonderes , tantrikas & yes rogue sections of the Bhakti movement etc. So this is not a Brahminical problem .

2) If you look at the class of these chaps …then they are mostly lower class people & their victims too come crom their own class , mostly .

3) As Deepankar Gupta had stated that the average Hindus may not be as dogmatically respectful of their faith as say their Muslim counterparts can be , but these Bhakti-oriented ppl are very much gullible miracle-seeking and superstitious people unlike others..…/indias…/article6633497.ece

This is also the reason rogue Sufism also gained popularity in India. We dont see this problem as diffused in Organised Brahminical groups , Orthodox Islam , Arya Samaj , Christianity as much as we see this in this Bhakti & yes folk Hindu faiths. We know these jokers like Radhe Ma , bcz they had an urban base & were hype here . The rural India & the tribal India is filled with more multifarious charltans .If we look at the Sub-continent , this problem though to a lesser extent is also prevalent in so-called Sufi charltans who too exploit their mureeds in the name of miracles. Though this is less , as Sufism is codified unlike Bhakti movement which is not. Codified Bhakti groups like Kabirpanth & Warkaris dont face such problems (at least so often).
We , here, often fantasise about Bhakti being better than Brahminical (or Sufism better than Deobandi) & we complain about Organised faith ….here is a lesson that Unorganised faith can be even more exploitative as compared to Organised ….it might not lead to Wars like the latter bcz it has NO FUNDAMENTALS , but yes it is MORE SUPERSTITIOUS than the latter.

This is My Opinion . Others can add or correct this.

The Two Rennaisances

When we dig the grave of RSS…we will see the two Renaissances – the Bengali Hindu Renaissance and the Aligarh Muslim Renaissance — creations of elite Brahmins-Kayasthas & elite Syeds resp…..This all problem to a great extent starts there.

Both BHR & AMR initiated reform movements in Hindus & Muslims resp. The former led to birth of the Hindu College & later BHU (not by a Bengali though) ; The latter led to birth of AMU. The former gave Bankim & the latter Iqbal (both modernists but Supremacists in their own ways).

But on the other hand , it also gave impetus to Sanskritised pan-Indian Hindu identity & Persianised pan-Indian Muslim identity , which is at the base of how a Rajasthani Gujjar (Hindu) & the Kashmiri Gujjar (Muslim) see each other as enemies ….one says that he lived here since Indus valley times , the other boasts of coming with the Turks grin emoticon. The same thing I am sure also divides Hindus & Muslims of common racial , or linguistic heritage. I mean , I am a Chauhan & I have come across Hindu Communal Chauhans & Muslim communal Chauhans too , in my short on-line activist career.

RSS & Jamaats , or Hindu Mahasabha & Muslim League are/were also consequence of these divorced Renaissances & divorced identities , not just social forces furthering them.
Even if we are lucky to destroy parties like BJP/AIMIM , how will we destroy this sense of divorced self-perception which divides people of the same villages , ethnicities , languages and even that ugly thing- of same castes ??

Hindutva Media – An Online Upheaval: Saif Ahmad Khan

Agreed with Saif , though the Hindutva hate media is not the only hate media present. One can also see a large number of Left-leaning hate media too (sadly which is not seen by Left-liberals in the same light) , starting from Dalit Voice , Milligazette , the Dravidian groups using “the Aryan Invasion” as a political tool or even worse openly calling for Eradication of Hinduism. The truth is they all feed of each other. Its like the Hindutva Monsters vs all the minion monsters. Untill , the Left-Liberals also avoid pandering to these groups , while fighting the “Internet Hindus”, it is actually never going to end ; since the Internet Hindus have created an exaggerated image of Hindu persecution using the twisted theories of these groups and this vicious cycle continues.

In this environment , it is more difficult to propagate liberal views among Hindus or even make a polite criticism of Hinduism (say Hinduism is a recent religion or Hindus ate beef) ; because the moment you start arguing they declare the opponent , anti-Hindu ; conflating the latter to belong to any of the anti-Hindu section. This is despite when one calls himself a “Hindu culturally” and avoids popular slogans like “Destroying Hinduism” etc. But at the end when we talk about Online Hate , the Hindutvadis are not the only one involved here ; groups and authors equating Hindus to Fascists or Hinduism (instead of Hindutva) itself to Fascism , also play a role in this cycle of hate.

KAFILA - 10 years of a common journey


The year 2004 saw the Indian electorate defying the verdict of psephologists by voting out the incumbent Bharatiya Janata Party led National Democratic Alliance government at the Centre. The fundamental reason behind the defeat of Atal Bihari Vajpayee’s government was the slogan of “India Shining” which was perceived by the voters to be nothing more than a poll gimmick as millions of ordinary Indians were trapped in the vicious cycle of poverty and struggling due to high inflation.

However, a decade after 2004, one has reason to believe that “India Shining” was a blessing in disguise for the BJP. Traditionally, BJP was an anti-technology party owing to its Swadeshi leanings. When computer technology was being introduced by the Rajiv Gandhi government during the 1980s, the socialist parties opposed the move and argued that mechanization would lead to unemployment. The Sang Parivar echoed similar sentiments.

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हिंदू भारत, मुस्लिम भारत

Right on spot ….India is going to be a cluster of ghettos etc. Often many Hindus call as “Chhota Pakistans” whenever they pass through Muslim-dominated areas , they fail to realise that they themselves are one of myriad social forces in their incubation.

KAFILA - 10 years of a common journey

क्या भारत में दो संवेदना-क्षेत्र बन चुके हैं:हिंदू संवेदना क्षेत्र और मुस्लिम संवेदना-क्षेत्र? क्या यह नाटकीय वक्तव्य है,या ऐसी आशंका जिसे हकीकत बनते देर नहीं लगेगी और  जिसे भारत के राजनीतिक दल और बुद्धिजीवी भी स्वीकार नहीं करना चाहते.उनका कहना है कि भारत जैसे विशाल देश के क्षेत्रफल और जनसंख्या के लिहाज से अटाली,गाज़ियाबाद,शामली,मुज़फ्फरनगर,लखनऊ,जहानाबाद,नागौर,छीपागढ़,जैसी घटनाएं नगण्य हैं और इनसे पूरे देश के बारे में कोई भी निष्कर्ष नहीं निकाला जा सकता.लेकिन वे भूल रहे हैं कि टेलीविज़न और इंटरनेट के इस वक्त में कोई भी घटना,कितनी ही छोटी क्यों न हो,स्थानीय नहीं रह जाती.वह घटित की जाती है एक सीमित, स्थानीय स्तर पर लेकिन उसका लक्ष्य वह व्यापक जनसमूह है जो भौतिक रूप से बिखरा हुआ और उस घटना स्थल से दूर है, यहाँ तक कि अमरीका और ऑस्ट्रेलिया में.

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